BIBLE PROPHECY - The Tribulation In Detail



The stakes couldn’t be higher, because your life and the lives of others hang in the balance.
This following INTRODUCTION is followed by the “Universal News Broadcast.”
We urge you to make many copies of this message

Many events in this broadcast are things you are now experiencing and may soon have to go through. Having a foreknowledge of these events could save both your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Pv 1:5,7-A wise man will hear, and will increase learning.
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.

Events going on in the world right now do affect your life. Things that will be going on in the near future will affect it even more; yet most people go about daily routines, giving little thought to eternity or what is happening in the world. There are no adequate words to describe what is coming.
In the near future, about 99% of all people will die. This not a joke. It is a time that, if Jesus had not returned exactly when He did, all life (that is, every form of flesh) on earth would cease to exist-ref Mt 24:21,22; Mk 13:19,20.
When the soon coming Rapture and Tribulation catches most people unaware, we believe the information contained in this message will be greatly sought after—because people will want and need to know exactly what is going to happen next, as their very life may depend on it.
The weapons to destroy the world now exist.
There are now bombs that are 2500 times bigger than what was used in Japan. The bombs of the USA and Russia could destroy all life on earth 6 times over; and Russia has boldly made a statement that they could turn the USA into a radioactive pile of ash. Does God’s Word indicate this will happen? Yes, in part.
Worldwide audio and video communications are now a reality.
Every phone call, every email, every credit card transaction that is made, in many nations, is now being permanently recorded. Many people’s lives are now an open book to certain people in authority. It is going to increase. Who could have ever suspected, even 20 years ago, that such a thing could happen?
Satellites in space monitor the earth and can even see you in your backyard, along with the increasing availability and use of drones, not only by the military, but civilian use as well.
Alternate lifestyles and same sex marriages are now becoming common and are accepted by many people of the world. This will continue to increase.
All of this advanced technology and the rapid change and decline of our society seems so far-fetched that even comic book writers of 70 years ago could not have dreamed such things would exist.
In 1940, gum chewing was a big problem in schools. Now, it is weapons and mass murders.
God forbid, bombs are now indiscriminately placed in cars, buses, schools and even parades.
Gangs, in some places, attack and beat or kill people for no apparent reason. As birth pangs of a woman, it is going to get worse.
Movies these days are often packed with abusive language and cursing God’s name.
Fearing God is very rare. Many churches now teach it only means reverence; yet, it is written, GOD IS GREATLY TO BE FEARED IN THE ASSEMBLY OF THE SAINTS. BY THE FEAR OF THE LORD MEN DEPART FROM EVIL-Ps 89:7; Pv 16:6. When there is little fear of God, expect there will be little departing from sin.
There is little faithfulness and reliability with regards to obeying God’s Word and doing what God commands.

Radio, television, church preachers and priests are now teaching doctrines that are so watered-down and far from what Jesus taught, it has become another Gospel; and the people love to have it so. Many people no longer attend any church. Few people have the desire or make the time to study and obey the Bible. Others pick a few verses here and there, but they know very little regarding the Bible. Obedience to God’s Word has become nothing more than an echo from the past.
Many that do attend church are so lacking in Bible knowledge and discernment, they easily embrace unbiblical and false teachings. These can include fictional doctrines such as “purgatory.” It can also include doctrines such as “name it and claim it,” “everyone should be healed,” and a Christian is to prosper in this world. Teachings that allure to the flesh are taught and embraced by many that are biblically illiterate, and walk after the flesh or self-centeredness, and do not submit to God’s Word.
Tithing as God commands in both the Old and New Testaments has become a joke. Weekly fasting and fasting for one week or more per year is seldom preached or practiced. Many also embrace doctrines that do not include repentance, fearing God, humbleness, denying self and picking up your cross daily and following Jesus. Teaching that tells people in this self-centered, pleasure-filled, sex and lust-filled, drug, alcohol and smoking-filled society to forsake all for Christ—has all but disappeared.
This is, indeed, an age of everything is permitted and accepted. It is a church age where the teaching and Christians are, at best, lukewarm, and then they fall asleep, as the Rapture takes only a few. Man thinks today’s preaching is good or even great. The Bible uses these words: WRETCHED, MISERABLE, POOR, BLIND, AND NAKED, to describe today’s church and people.
This is the church age in which virtually every funeral has a clergy say over the deceased, “they are now in a better place,” when, in fact, nearly all are screaming and being tormented in hell-Lk 16:24.
Few, very few people are going to be raptured. Not one lukewarm Christian or person that does not follow Christ and obey the Gospel, or Catholic will be raptured, unless they repent-ref Rev 2:18-29; 3:14-22. Very few of those from the churches of the Reformation will be taken.
Those of the Catholic faith are clearly pictured in the Tribulation. They are all left behind. They are not ready or waiting and watching for Jesus to take His people, unless they repent.

What you may be about to hear or read is not science fiction. It is an “after the fact” Universal News summary of events that have already happened, and are happening right now, and should happen soon.
Every Bible verse has been considered.
All known Bible verses—regarding the times that we are now in, and the soon coming Rapture, Tribulation, Battle of Armageddon and Christ’s return—have been carefully considered in putting together this Universal News summary. This summary includes events leading up to Israel’s rebirth that are now a fact. World events occurring right now, and the Rapture, and the last 7 years before and including Christ’s return are soon to come.

General information:

In the study of Bible prophecy, one needs to put aside what one believes, including the traditions of their church, their friends, their denomination, their Bible school, their university, or what they have heard on the radio, TV, or Internet, plus the many prophecy books, newsletters, and articles that are available. Few can do this. One needs to be an empty vessel, completely childlike coming before God and His Word in humbleness and in the fear of God, saying, “Teach me.” Then one needs to search and study the Scriptures, over and over, from Genesis to the Revelation, putting together all the verses on the subject as God enables them to do so.